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When: Friday, Sept. 6, 2013 from 9am to 5.30pm

Where: University of Bath Innovation Centre (UBIC)

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Places are limited, but free thanks to our sponsor the ICT-KTN

What is it: From Summly to Parse, today’s ‘hero’ start-ups are mobile to the core. So whether you want to sell vintage clothes, create a community of fans or publish another shade of grey, if you don’t have a mobile strategy, you don’t have a business.  openMIC#17 is all about how to turn those mobile apps, communities and platforms into mobile businesses.

Confirmed speakers

Russell Hall – Hailocab
One of the original London Taxi Drivers who set up what has become the best Taxi Booking app Hailocab. Russ will tell us the story of how he and 2 cabbie friends developed the idea and how investors made it a reality.

Simon DaviesYakatak
Simon was part of the team that sold SnapTu to Facebook in 2011. Simon is now developing Yakatak a provider of consumer mobile services and is an inaugural member of BBC Worldwide Labs.

Ben AthertonSamba Mobile
Following senior roles at Mobile Operators Ben founded Samba Mobile that allows their users to access mobile data networks through Dongles and Tablet SIM cards for free by viewing targeted video adverts from top brands.

Geoff Anderson – Founder of PixelPin
After years as a technical consultant Geoff founded PixelPin to solve the problem of logins and passwords. PixelPin allows a user to sign in by clicking on specified parts of one of their images.

Chris Book – CEO of Bardowl and Organiser of openMIC
Chris will tell his personal Entrepreneurship story about founding and growing Bardowl a new Audiobook streaming service for iPhones.

When: Friday, April 12, 2013 from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM (BST)

Where: 4pm Bath Innovation Centre, 5pm The Cork Vaults 11-12 Westgate Buildings, Bath, Avon BA1 1EB

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What is it:

Hosted by openMIC, James from Twilio is in town to learn about what apps you are building with Twilio, answer any questions you have, and to fill you in on how your Twilio powered startup can apply for funding via the recently announced Twilio Fund Europe.

Come and hangout, grab a Twilio T-Shirt, meet some cool people, and see in the weekend with a few beers. Twilio want to meet developers and business owners who are interested in developing services based on top of the Twilio API’s, if you are new to Twilio or already a master you are welcome to come along.

What is Twilio?

Twilio offer a simple, but powerful, cloud communications API. This means you can now add voice or sms capability to your web or mobile app in minutes. More than 175,000 developers around the world are already using Twilio. The Twilio API is agnostic to language, so you don’t need to learn anything new to use it.

When: Friday, 15 February 2013,  16:00 – 19:30 (GMT)

Where: University of Exeter Students’ Guild, Devonshire House, EX4 4PZ

openMIC-#16_thumbnailFor this openMIC we have teamed up with Microsoft Imagine Cup for a weekend Hackathon.

openMIC kicks thing off on Friday night with presentations on the process of building great apps. What skills are required to get a balanced team, the tension between design and development.

Hear from:

This event has now taken place


Barcamping for mobile app & web service developers

When: Friday 7th December 2012

Where: The Innovation Centre, Broad Quay, Bath, BA1 1UD

This event has now taken place

Come along and hear from experienced mobile experts who have seen how companies have implemented mobile technology in their business. From Voice and SMS to Native Apps through mobile web come and learn how to engage with your internal and external customers through mobile.

Communication, Data Management and Collaboration are at the core of the enterprise challenge – how can mobile apps deliver effective solutions? Voice and SMS has been used for a long time and with web based API’s for managing workforce or customers through voice and text messaging there has never been a better time to implement mobile services as part of your offering. What about native apps? Aren’t they too expensive and difficult to develop for a workforce that has all different types of phones, some owned by the company, some not? Shouldn’t we be building enterprise apps using web technologies? HTML5 means it will be much cheaper and the service will work on any phone?

With companies like SAP and Oracle taking big steps forward with mobile being added to their platform the next few years are going to be interesting in the mobile enterprise.

Confirmed speakers

Dr Tim King – CTO, 5app

Rob LoBue – CEO, Applingua

Kieran Gutteridge – CTO,  Intohand

Jon Collins – Author – Inter Orbis


Barcamping for mobile app & web service developers

When: Thursday 5th July 2012

Where: The Old Ship Hotel Brighton, Kings Road, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 1NR


Mobile is constantly changing and openMIC is organised to allow mobile apps and web services practitioners to gather, asses and debate the changes. With Facebook acquiring an app business for $1bn in Instagram the mobile service bubble has arrived.

This will be openMICs second visit to Brighton and we will hear from great speakers from the Brighton scene and run 8 bar camp sessions where
all participants can share knowledge and discuss ideas.

A.M Session speaker

  • Simon Hamilton-Ritchie – Matchbox Mobile
  • Alex Vitty – Future Platforms
  • Adam Martin – Mobile Brighton
  • Dan Appelquist – BlueVia
  • John Cooper – Nokia

P.M Session

After a great (Brighton) Ballroom lunch courtesy of openMIC, participants get the opportunity to put forward their own topics
and form teams of eight or for barcamp discussion and debate sessions.

Who should attend:
Developers, Designers, Start-ups, ideas people, operators, innovators -> anyone passionate and interested in development of new mobile apps for commercial or social use.

Attendance is FREE – thanks to our sponsors! REGISTER HERE


As part of Bath Digital Festival we have teamed openMIC up with The Big M to bring 2 days of mobile discussion together in Bath.

Bath Digital Festival

The first day will be conference style speakers and q&a with a shortened barcamp session.

The second day will be workshops with detailed help on how to take your ideas and business mobile.

The overarching theme for the 2 days will be “The Apps Business”

openMIC #13

When: Thursday 22nd March

Where: Bath Ventures Innovation Centre, Broad Quay, Carpenter House, Bath BA1 1UD

REGISTER HERE for the conference day

The conference day will have 3 main themes:

Developer Communities and Advocacy
1 – Thayer Prime – Follow on Twitter
2- James Parton – Follow on Twitter
3- Tom Hume – Follow on Twitter

Making Money with Apps
4- Kieran Gutteridge – Follow on Twitter
5- Karen B – Follow on Twitter
6- Rick Chapman – Parkview Consulting

The Mobile Web
7 - Peter-Paul Koch – Follow on Twitter
8 – Phil Archer – Follow on Twitter
9 – Laura Kalbag – Follow on Twitter

The Big M Workshops

When: Friday 23rd March

Where: Bath Ventures Innovation Centre, Broad Quay, Carpenter House, Bath BA1 1UD

REGISTER HERE for The Big M workshops

The workshops will be:

Taking your website mobile – Peter-Paul Koch
Creating a native app using phonegap – Kieran Gutteridge – Intohand

More workshops to follow




When: 9th December 2011, 5:30pm

Where: Bath Ventures Innovation Centre

Dr. Patrick Crogan tells us how:

  • The Cold War gave us First-person-shooters and Strategy for Massive Multiplayer Wargames
  • Play, Flight-simulators & Culture collide
  • WarGames create Realworld Communities
  • Modern Game culture can outplay War to anticipate Peace

An expert in games and contemporary culture, Dr. Patrick Crogan will show us how computer games originated in developing cybernetic weapons in the 1940′s and how this continues to influence our online culture today. Combining military logic, social critique and his newly published book, Gameplay Mode: War, Simulation and Technoculture, this lecture will finish our series with a bang.

Patrick is on the Executive Board of the Digital Games Research Association and teaches Film and Philosophy, World Cinema, Games, Simulation and Media at the University of West England.


Hosted by The PRIZM Game Company and Bath Ventures Innovation Centre

When: Friday December 2nd

Where: Bath Ventures Innovation Centre

This event is FREE – thanks to the kind sponsorship of the ICTKTN

As the cost of hardware capable of running the Google Android operating system goes under $100 there is an opportunity for application developers to create services that run on a dedicated platform. The number of internet connected devices is rocketing and Android devices that are not smartphones or tablets could be a major driver in this growth.

Smart cities, intelligent homes, mHealth application, motoring computing devices all communicating to make the world a better place is the vision but how could a $100 android device provide useful services in the short term?

openMIC 12 will explore this with 4 thought provoking talks in the morning and 2 detailed barcamp sessions in the afternoon for you to build on the ideas and share your own.

Speakers include:

  • Graham Fisher
  • Tom Melamed
  • Stuart Arnott
  • Dan Williams
  • Kieran Gutteridge

Find out more



When: 4th November 2011, 5:30pm

Find out:

  • how to use some simple game elements to improve your innovation workshops
  • how to use the best ideas that man and nature ever had, to inspire technology and solve critical problems, in a game simple
    enough for 13 year olds
  • what is the journey and ideal final result of all creative play

Dr. Anja-Karina Pahl is the Founder of the PRIZM Game Company Ltd. and has been running gamified innovation workshops for some of the top 500 Companies for the last 7 years. Her methods bring high-tech teams ROIs over 2000% – billions in new product development. She is currently working on a massive multiplayer version of her innovation game to involve youth, charity and industry, with brilliant partners in European Games and Apps.


Hosted by The PRIZM Game Company and Bath Ventures Innovation Centre



When: 28th October 2011, 5:30pm

Speaker: Dan Dixon

Find out:

  • how gamification is infiltrating consumer marketing
  • why game designers should move from simple surface applications to more engaged, gameful design
  • the history and presence of a sensitive thoughtful approach to using games in everyday life

Dan Dixon is Senior Lecturer in Creative Technologies at the University of West England. He researches how people interact with technology, especially at the interface of digital games and
the real world. Prior to moving to academia, he was a senior consultant with Headshift, a social software Co., Product Manager for BBC’s online communities and Production Director for new
media agency Syzygy.

Hosted by The PRIZM Game Company and Bath Ventures Innovation Centre

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